a carbon kid with a sinister diagram (lidvelvet) wrote in bandrp,
a carbon kid with a sinister diagram

Krist's last name is LACIE?! That's pretty gay.

Krist sat in a spinny chair in the dull greyness of the empty rehearsal room.
He had been waiting nearly an hour... for Desmond, Toffis.... anyone... to show up.
It was likely that Desmond was still in bed. He tended to sleep in whenever possible.
Toffis was probably... somewhere... up to no good.

Krist put his head in his hands and let out a ring-like sigh...
no... wait a minute, that was his phone ringing.

He noted the name on the caller display and pressed the talk button, rolling his eyes as he held the phone up to his ear.

"What's your excuse this time, Desmond?"
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You don't know how confused this post made me. I was like "Okay, it's Lindsay... But it's a community... "Lacie"?! Whaaaat...."

Yes. Lacie is a very gay name.
name: Blithe Choen
age: 17
appearance: 5'4 long short black hair blue/green eyes medium build.

description: quiet keeps to herself generally but is warm and caring person. she's out going and is a wild person although most people wouldn't think so because she's so quiet at first. the last band she was in she was kicked out cause she did a stage dive and it just pissed the lead singer off, she also got into a fight with the singer boyfriend and beat him up. but that's a story that can be shared later. but its not like she's wild all the time she knows when to keep calm and when its ok to let loose.
role: she plays the guitar, drums and is a screamer so if there's any punk or heavy metal music she can scream her guts out.
mm yeah she's from the originally from the UK.