a carbon kid with a sinister diagram (lidvelvet) wrote in bandrp,
a carbon kid with a sinister diagram

doot doot doooo... hello, acidchase/Blithe.

Krist didn't even bother listening to Desmond's excuse for not being there. He used the same "the guy ended up being a girl" thing every time. Every time. Instead he contemplated how horrible the band name was.

He was startled by a noise near the door.
There was someone there.

"Uh, hello, are you here for the audition?"

The person stepped closer. It was a man... he looked in his 40's.

Ten painful minutes later, the man stood in front of Krist's stool with a look on his face that made Krist slightly uncomfortable.

"So... what do you think? You know... music is not my only talent."

Krist's eyes widened. If the man was that bad at playing guitar... he probably wasn't very good at...

"Uhm... Thank you. I'll be in touch..."

The man strutted out and Krist had to look away. He prayed to God that someone else would turn up to the audition.

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